Rational Functions Worksheet Group Activity

Rational Functions and Their Graphs – Group Activity

Below we have provided the Rational Functions and Their Graphs Group Activity. You will need to download these for the Activity. You will need to have the students count off by fours and assign them each a student number.  Rational Functions Group Activity Directions: Each Group is Given a Rational Function and must: Find and  […]

Algebraic Expressions Worksheet

Algebraic Expressions Worksheet and Activity – Mazing!

This activity is available as a free download. It includes an algebraic expressions worksheet where the students must solve problems that will help then work their way through a maze! Registering on the website also gives access to a ton of Algebra 2 activities. In this activity students are given 15 algebraic expressions that require […]

Algebra 2 Worksheets

Algebra 2 Teacher Hacks

3 ways to be that amazing teacher and not lose your mind because of how much of your free time you have to give up in preparation! 1.) Join communities of other Algebra 2 teachers online who love to share great ideas for teaching each lesson instead of scouring Pinterest or Google. You don’t have to […]