How to Make Your Math Class Paperless

How to Make Your Math Class Paperless

Would You Rather Listen to the Lesson?
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Picture this... 

  • No lost homework assignments!
  • No sloppy work that you can't read!
  • No nagging students coming into your room multiple times a day interrupting your class to ask a question!
  • No more getting the excuse "I wasn't here yesterday so I don't know how to do it."
  • No more "I wasn't here yesterday so I didn't get the assignment."
  • No more "the sub didn't teach us anything!"
  • No carrying around papers in a big bag to grade (Or a wheelie cart if your one of those teachers that has it that bad 🙂 

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I know what you're thinking...

"This has got to be some kind of a joke!"
Nope! Not a joke!

How to Make Your Math Class Paperless Like Mine!

 I haven't used paper in my classroom for over a year now. I haven't had one excuse for a lost assignment. I haven't had one student turn in a sloppy crinkled up mess. I haven't even heard my students comment that the sub didn't teach them anything. 
Okay... okay... I will get to the point...
I put together a Free Workshop to teach you how to eliminate the use of paper from your class. Not only will it save you so many hours you will literally have a moment of clarity before class starts where you think "Oh my... I have nothing to do right now!"
Here's the corny "but Wait there's more!" (Lol I've always wanted to say that...) 
The workshop comes with a Certificate of Completion. You can use this for your CEUs in most districts and for your artifacts during evaluations. 
Yep! That's right! You get to learn to eliminate the biggest stress in your life AND get credit for it!
One thing I dislike more than anything is wasting time. Our company was built around one thing. Giving teachers their lives back!
To access this training on How to Make Your Math Class Paperless simply click the link below and register!
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