Matrix Multiplication

Matrix Multiplication

Once algebra 2 students understand what a matrix represents, how to determine the order of a matrix, and how to organize data into matrices, they dive into matrix operations, including how to do matrix multiplication. Even though lessons on matrix multiplication may seem overwhelming to students, rest assured that teaching multiplying matrices can be fun […]

properties of parabolas

The Properties of Parabolas

When algebra 2 students learn about quadratic equations and functions, they learn about the properties of parabolas. Thus, they become proficient in sketching any parabola, as well as in writing its properties. Although students may sometimes find parabola lessons tedious, math teachers and homeschooling parents can make these lessons more inviting by employing a few […]

Organizing data into matrices

Organizing Data Into Matrices

When algebra 2 students familiarize themselves with organizing data into matrices, they first learn how to identify the different types of matrices, count the number of rows and columns in matrices, as well as judge the order of a matrix. To facilitate these early introductory lessons on matrices, math teachers can employ a variety of […]

Modeling data with quadratic functions

Modeling Data with Quadratic Functions

In algebra 2, students learn the standard form of quadratic functions and how to differentiate between linear and quadratic functions and become proficient in modeling data with quadratic functions. Learning modeling data with quadratic functions can sometimes seem challenging for students. Luckily, there are ways in which teachers can make this process as smooth as […]