Adding and Subtracting Matrices

Adding and Subtracting Matrices – Using Rainbows

This is the most important lesson in the Unit on Matrices! The easiest way to teach adding and subtracting matrices is by color coding.

Let’s Start Adding and Subtracting Matrices

I start with adding two 2×3 matrices. The reason I do not start with 2×2 matrices is because it is easier to show them that the matrices must be the same size to add or subtract them.
The other reason I use 2×3 matrices is because that means there will be 6 numbers inside each and there are 6 colors to the rainbow (I know that’s debatable but for the sake of the lesson go with it).
Each number from the first matrix gets matched with its Corresponding number in the second matrix. Then they are added or subtracted. I do this with a group activity.
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Here are two cards I use to introduce the lesson…
I always start with addition. Simply because it is easier.

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