Matrix Multiplication

Matrix Multiplication

Once algebra 2 students understand what a matrix represents, how to determine the order of a matrix, and how to organize data into matrices, they dive into matrix operations, including how to do matrix multiplication. Even though lessons on matrix multiplication may seem overwhelming to students, rest assured that teaching multiplying matrices can be fun […]

properties of parabolas

The Properties of Parabolas

When algebra 2 students learn about quadratic equations and functions, they learn about the properties of parabolas. Thus, they become proficient in sketching any parabola, as well as in writing its properties. Although students may sometimes find parabola lessons tedious, math teachers and homeschooling parents can make these lessons more inviting by employing a few […]

Modeling data with quadratic functions

Modeling Data with Quadratic Functions

In algebra 2, students learn the standard form of quadratic functions and how to differentiate between linear and quadratic functions and become proficient in modeling data with quadratic functions. Learning modeling data with quadratic functions can sometimes seem challenging for students. Luckily, there are ways in which teachers can make this process as smooth as […]

Teaching linear equations

Teaching Linear Equations

For students in algebra 2, linear equations are one of the most important lessons. Students learn how to create and solve linear equations in one variable, as well as linear equations in two variables. They also learn how to graph equations on coordinate axes with labels and scales. All of this can be confusing for […]

Graphing systems of equations

Graphing Systems of Equations

Graphing systems of equations refers to solving systems of equations by graphing and tables. In algebra 2, this is one of the most important introductory lessons when it comes to learning about linear systems. But if you’re a math teacher, you probably encountered at least one student that doesn’t find graphing systems of equations as […]

Teaching relations and functions

Teaching Relations and Functions

In Algebra 2, relations and functions are among the earliest math concepts that students come across. They learn how to arrange and identify relations and functions, and are able to identify the range and domain of relations. Teaching relations and functions can be challenging, especially if your students have gaps in previous knowledge in this […]

Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities

Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities

When algebra 2 students dive into linear systems, they first learn how to solve systems of linear equations and then proceed with solving systems of linear inequalities, including graphing these systems. These lessons may not be smooth sailing for all students, especially for students who lack the foundational knowledge of solving linear inequalities and are […]

algebra 2 solving equations

Solving Equations (Algebra 2)

When students start with Algebra 2, solving equations is one of the first lessons they encounter. Typically, students learn to create equations and inequalities in one variable and use them to solve problems. This also includes simplifying algebraic expressions to solve equations and solving word problems by using one-variable equations. If you’re wondering what strategies […]

algebra 2 algebraic expressions

Simplifying Algebraic Expressions (Algebra 2)

In Algebra 2, algebraic expressions are one of the most important concepts students encounter. They learn how to simplify them or rewrite them in a simplified way. To achieve this, they apply the properties of real numbers and produce an equivalent form of an expression. Indeed, all the x’s and y’s can come across as […]