Angles and the Unit Circle - worksheet with answers guided notes powerpoint

Angles and the Unit Circle – Time to Eat!

Angles and the Unit Circle can be a tough one. Not because mastering the Special Right Triangles is difficult but because you are relying on their Geometry Teacher to have done an excellent job of establishing that mastery. How to Master The Unit Circle With that said the only way to master the Unit Circle […]

Absolute Value Functions and Graphs - Facebook

Absolute Value Functions and Graphs – Real World Applications

There are many ways to WOW your students with math. This is a lesson that can be extremely fun for both you and them. Absolute Value Functions and Graphs are something that can be related to one of the things they understand most in the world because they have no choice but to use it […]

Rational Functions Worksheet Group Activity

Rational Functions and Their Graphs – Group Activity

Below we have provided the Rational Functions and Their Graphs Group Activity. You will need to download these for the Activity. You will need to have the students count off by fours and assign them each a student number.  Rational Functions Group Activity Directions: Each Group is Given a Rational Function and must: Find and  […]

Algebraic Expressions Worksheet

Algebraic Expressions Worksheet and Activity – Mazing!

This activity is available as a free download. It includes an algebraic expressions worksheet where the students must solve problems that will help then work their way through a maze! Registering on the website also gives access to a ton of Algebra 2 activities. In this activity students are given 15 algebraic expressions that require […]

Holiday Algebra 2 Activities

Holiday Algebra 2 Activities

The week before and of Winter Break can be stressful because of all the things going on. Exam, End of the Grading Period, End of the Semester, Holiday Related Distractions, the list goes on… Most of us are teaching Trigonometry Right now. Here is our Algebra 2 Coach – Trigonometry Holiday Bundle! These are Holiday Algebra […]

How to Make Your Math Class Paperless

How to Make Your Math Class Paperless

Picture this… No lost homework assignments!No sloppy work that you can’t read!No nagging students coming into your room multiple times a day interrupting your class to ask a question!No more getting the excuse “I wasn’t here yesterday so I don’t know how to do it.”No more “I wasn’t here yesterday so I didn’t get the assignment.”No […]

Why I Stopped Letting My Students Use Calculators in Class!

I Stopped Letting My Students Use Calculators in Class!

This article will push some peoples buttons I’m sure. However, I feel it is something that needs discussed. My school is one to one with iPads. Here’s my concern. Why do we need calculators anymore? What is the reasoning behind needing to learn to use the next new TI Calculator? Am I missing something or […]

Algebra 2 Worksheets

Algebra 2 Teacher Hacks

3 ways to be that amazing teacher and not lose your mind because of how much of your free time you have to give up in preparation! 1.) Join communities of other Algebra 2 teachers online who love to share great ideas for teaching each lesson instead of scouring Pinterest or Google. You don’t have to […]

Conditional Probability worksheet with answers

Conditional Probability – Call it in the Air!

The conditional probability of an event B, in relation to event A, is the probability that event B will occur given the knowledge that an event A has already occurred.   Listen, there are VERY FEW times in your Algebra 2 classes that you get to just HAVE FUN teaching a lesson! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. I always spend more time […]

Area Under a Curve worksheet with answers

Area Under a Curve – Is your Umbrella Big Enough?

This is one of the most important lessons you will teach to your Algebra 2 students because it serves as an intro to an enormous lesson in Pre-Calculus / Calulus. This is the first time they get to think outside the box of their typical area formulas. Now they are given restraints, conditions, and boundaries […]

Properties of Logarithms worksheet with answers

Properties of Logarithms

Change of Base Formula Your calculator will only do Base 10 (log) and base e (ln). In most cases this is sufficient for real world problems. However, if another base is needed we have to be able to adjust! The best example you can use in class is a CLOCK! A clock doesn’t use either […]

Adding and Subtracting Matrices

Adding and Subtracting Matrices – Using Rainbows

This is the most important lesson in the Unit on Matrices! The easiest way to teach adding and subtracting matrices is by color coding. Let’s Start Adding and Subtracting Matrices I start with adding two 2×3 matrices. The reason I do not start with 2×2 matrices is because it is easier to show them that […]

Exploring Conic Sections worksheet with answers

The Nightmare of Exploring Conic Sections

Exploring Conics Sections can be a very confusing lesson if you let it be. The best advice I can give to any teacher is to start with the basics of the equation of a circle. Make sure they have mastered h,k form and how changes to the equation transform the shape. Once you are confident […]

Probability of Multiple Events Answers

Probability of Multiple Events – A Coin and a Card

I love this lesson on Probability of Multiple Events. You get to give your students things they can actually touch. There are many simulators out there that you can use to get them to see the bell curves and all that boring stuff. The part I love is handing my students a deck of cards, […]

Roots and Radical Expressions

Roots and Radical Expressions – Why so Negative?

Students can really struggle with this unit on Roots and Radical Expressions if not taught correctly right away. This is usually the first time that the concept of a math problem having 2 answers ever arises. If you aren’t careful with the way you present this you will lose your students that aren’t big fans […]

Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Substitution

Solving Systems of Equations by Substitution – Sports and Algebra 2

Substitution is something your students are extremely familiar with. Use this to your advantage when teaching Solving Systems of Equations. Start your lesson off with a real world example, something like this… Teacher – Who in here plays basketball? Johnny – I do! Teacher – Do you start on the basketball team Johnny? Johnny – […]

Permutations and Combinations

Permutations and Combinations Using Magic Card Tricks

Permutations and Combinations are my FAVORITE things in all of math! As we know numbers run the world and Combinatorics (Counting) is at the heart of it all! Today we are going to look at an attention-getter to get your students wanting to learn more. For the Card Trick you will need… 9 Playing Cards, Uno […]

Transforming Parabolas - The Angry Birds Project

Angry Birds Parabola Project

There are many different versions of the Angry Birds Parabola Project. We have tested them all. Some are fun for the students to do but require way more time on art related activities than the actual math. Some are fully created by hand using actual catapults and sling shots made by the class. Some are […]